Prospectair's magnetic system consists of a single magnetometer mounted in a stable foil (bird) 20 meters below the helicopter. When flown by an experienced pilot, the towed bird technique provide very good resolution since the terrain can be followed very closely and, more importantly, because no compensation is required for helicopter movement.

APPLICATIONS The heli-mag towed bird system is used anywhere high resolution and spatially dense magnetic data are required, and where terrain or logistics would reduce the effectiveness of fixed wing surveys. The low sensor ground clearance of 30 meters and a combination of aircraft speed and sampling rates provide ideal anomaly definition for mining exploration.
Helicopter magnetometer surveys are appropriate for precious metal, base metals and diamond exploration. Very high resolution data can be achieved by flying low and slow with tight line spacing and a high sampling rate. This is ideal for detailed mapping of geological structures.

Airborne Magnetometer

Model Geometrics G-822A Airborne High Sensitivity Magnetometer
Operating principle Self-oscillating split-beam Cesium Vapor (non-radioactive)
Operating range 20k – 100k nT
In flight sensitivity 0.05 nT
Sampling rate 30 Hz (approximately every 1 meter)
Operating temperature -35°C to +50°C
Operating altitude Up to 30 000 feet (9 000 m)
Max tolerated Magnetic Diurnal 25 nT in a straight-line chord over 5 minute
Aerodynamic magnetometer noise 0.5 nT
Sensor terrain clearances 60 – 100 feet (18.3 – 30.5 m)
Radar Altimeter

Model Terra TRA3000/TRI-40 radar altimeter
Operating range 40 – 2 500 feet (12.2 – 762 m)
Accuracy 1 ft (0.3 m)
Sampling rate digital record of 1 Hz
Magnetometer Base Station

Model Gem Systems GSM-19
Resolution 0.01 nT
Sampling rate 0.5 Hz

Real-time position accuracy ± 2 m
Sampling rate 30 Hz
Data Acquisition

  • Collected data synchronized by GPS time signals
  • GPS sampling rate up to 5 samples per second
  • High level of data integrity
  • Real time graphical data presentation
  • Single file data format
  • Data transfer via USB drive
  • Optional Outputs
    • Video overlay information
    • Digital video flight path recording system

  • Pilot Guidance Graphics Unit (PGU)
  • Pilot indicator - 2 line navigation display
  • Operator information
  • Georeferenced map underlay
  • UTM, UPS, Lambert support
  • Drape flight surface
  • Navigation Modes
    • Survey
    • Trace
    • Chase
    • Plum