In early 2013, Nouveau Monde started a very aggressive exploration campaign with the aim of identifying the next graphite deposit to be exploited in Canada. Thanks to the industry’s lowest prices for TDEM data acquisition provided by Prospectair, Nouveau Monde came up with the strategy of covering as much ground as possible with this geophysical technique in Canada’s most prolific area for large flakes graphite deposits, the Grenville Province’s Central Metasedimentary Belt. Over 9,000 l-km of TDEM data were acquired in the following 2 years for Nouveau Monde, which yielded over 40 significant large size conductors that were found to relate to graphite sources. After efficient ground investigation programs to evaluate the potential of each conductive graphite occurrence, it became clear that the large graphite body found next to the village of St-Michel-des-Saints was outstanding. This graphite deposit is characterized by its large annular shape, which is well defined by Prospectair’s high resolution TDEM data, and is now known as the Tony Deposit. The deposit contains a combined 48.6 Mt indicated at 3.97% Cg and 34.7 Mt inferred at 4.08% Cg on three different zones, which enabled Nouveau Monde to file a robust Preliminary Economic Assessment in 2016. The low cost, efficient logistic, rapid execution and industry standard geophysical equipment offered by Prospectair makes it the ideal airborne exploration service provider to turn grass-root projects into success stories.